Friday, 1 April 2011


Healing requires combinations of spiritual strength, God's will and faith to succeed. Bodily pain and sickness can be treated by accurate medical prescription, but NOT spiritual sickness. Evil force and negative energy are always around us waiting for the opportunity and right time to strike and attack us when we are physically and mentally weak.
We could obviously see, so many strange/weird sicknesses such as mental disorder, cancer, change of behavior, odd and untreated diseases, stress, personality disorder, depression, etc........ are so commonly found at the present time. All these spiritual disturbances and illnesses are beyond our knowledge and understanding which could not be revealed by logics and reasons.
Only GOD's energy can heal. Without the permission from the Almighty GOD, healing could not be performed. Master Yeow has the quality and the energy to make the process possible, so let his ability help you.

Friday, 25 March 2011


The objectives of our `spiritual group' for having this blog is to create awareness to the society of our establishment. We wish to extend our help to the world, let everyone understand our role and intention, that is to assist. Those who are suffering from any kind of sicknesses physically, mentally and spiritually are welcome for enquiry by email to:

About Spiritual Leader

One strong personality with strong determination. Our spiritual leader is known as Master Yeow. Through his effort and diligent in his practise and training, Master Yeow has successfully developed his spiritual strength to greater level. He has obtained extra ordinary healing ability to cure, and treat all kind of spiritual sicknessess. His power of healing and his healing strength (is believed to be directed from GOD) has grown from time to time.

Master Yeow's Supermundane Ability

1) Able to capture, clear and clean the physical body that has been possessed by evil spirit such as devil, ghost, demon, etc........
2) Able to apply remedy, treatment and cure patients who suffer from strange (odd) illness that could not be cured by doctors.
3) Eliminate evil force and misfortune (spiritual cleansing).
4) To remove negative energy from evil charm.
5) Cleansing of the haunted house, resident, shop lot, etc......
6) Capable of reviving poor businesses, so as to improve luck and fortune.
7) Feng Shui advisor (geomancy arrangement and adjustment). To obstruct hindrances and prevent misfortunes from affecting our life.